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Whatever your requirements are, we can customize your website to satisfy your needs and budget. is the space in your Internet, offerings innovative and interactive solutions specialized in Web site development, online marketing, multimedial projects and e-Commerce.

David  & Folks, aka is the web developer studio, based in Rome - Italy, offering a wide and various range of web design and development services.

We are specialised in designing good, usable web sites that meet our clients' requirements, objectives, budgets ... all you desire.
Big or small. Simple or complex. Local, Regional, or National. If you're looking for quality results, delivers.


Design exists into every aspects of web development. The value of design manifest itself through solutions that are at once thoughtful, well planned, and intuitive. These qualities should be applied not only to the look and feel, the project's interface and layout, but also to the whole technical infrastructure and information. Great web design is a unified expression of creativity across all aspects of your project.


Web accessibility is about designing a site that ensures its content's availability to the maximum number of different visitors, including people with disabilities, regardless of the technology they are using. Accessible sites prioritise content, structure and ease of navigation over other aspects of design; however it does not mean they can't look great or utilise the latest technologies. Accessibility and usability are not the same thing; however, they do overlap in many areas, and web developers who design with accessibility in mind must be able to improve their web site for all users.


Are you considering a foray into the world of online development or commerce? Do you already have your web site but wondering what next? offers you a range of consulting services focusing on usability and accessibility issues, as well as educational applications of technology. We can perform a site analysis for you in order to understand who your users are, your online competitors, and to suggest improvements or enhancements that will help making your business successful as ever.

User Experience

Creating an engaging and rewarding experience for your users will make your web investment worthwhile and will better ensure your success. is experienced in usability design and testing of web and desktop applications and have a full understanding of cross-browser issues.

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